Video Marketing Tools Designed (and Proven) To Increase Your Conversions 🚀

Vidalytics is built for the entrepreneur who is looking for most robust feature set to increase their conversions.

Every single feature in Vidalytics is built around conversions. This is why all of our settings allow you to control the copy, colors and granular controls. While other video platforms are for branding or cat videos, Vidalytics is designed to convert the coldest of traffic into profitable buyers.

From the most useful analytics for you to understand exactly how & why your videos are making sales, to collecting leads, building scarcity, and more... Vidalytics not only has it, but we do it better than any other video player.

Mater Bester

595,000 Clicks Prove Vidalytics Converts Better Than Other Players

"Good news! We split tested 595,000 sessions with Vimeo, YouTube and Wistia, and they couldn’t beat Vidalytics :)"

Matej Bester   •   Golden Tree Nutrition

Smart Autoplay — The Most Effective Autoplay Available for Marketers Proven to Increase Conversions 😲

Vidalytics Smart Autoplay has been proven in multiple split tests to grab attention and increase conversions, like with Brent Messer who say a 49% conversion rate increase over click to play.

Smart Autoplay Icon
Smart Autoplay adapts to any browser — even mobile

Vidalytics Smart Autoplay intelligently adapts to browsers blocking autoplay with sound — which doesn’t happen 100% of the time — and will play your video with sound, if possible. This way you don’t miss out on any conversions.

But if it is blocked from doing so, it will fall back to playing on mute with an Autoplay Message on top.

Customize Icon
Customize Your Autoplay Messages

The muted Autoplay Messages are totally customizable so that you can match it to your brand and get max engagement. You can change the copy and colors of the Autoplay Message, so you can have it say the best possible message to get that click.

You can also have your video go full screen when unmuted, have it always auto play on mute, or turn its auto play on / off only for mobile devices.

Settings Icon
3 Different Autoplay Message Styles

You can choose from 3 different Autoplay Message Styles - Front & Center, Loud & In Your Face or Classy in the Corner.

We made the ’Front & Center’ style the default since Steve Weatherford’s team split test these and found it to convert the best.

Unmute and Restart Icon
The Secret Sauce - Unmute & Restart

When your muted autoplay videos are clicked anywhere, they immediately restart and unmute.

This way the playing video grabs your viewers’ attention but also restarts so they don’t miss a thing. This is exactly what bumped Brent Messer’s conversion rate by 49% — when split tested... Read the case study here.

Jon Benson
49% Bump Thanks to Vidalytics’ Smart Autoplay

“Vidalytics’ Smart Autoplay bumped my conversion rate by 49%. I’m never leaving Vidalytics!”

Brent Messer   •

Play Gates — Turn Your Videos into Lead Generating Machines

With Play Gates, you can have an opt-in right on top of your video for you collect your viewers’ names, emails, their phone numbers or any combo of these.

While other video players have email opt ins, none have Vidalytics’ flexibility, especially to show an opt in only after your video is paused, with an Exit Play Gate.

Email Icon
Collect Emails and/or Phone Numbers
Time Icon
Choose a Specific Time Even Before the Video Starts
Pause Icon
Exit Play Gates Show Only When your Video is Paused
Lock Icon
Lock Your Video entirely or Make Your Play Gate Skippable
Colors Icon
Choose the Colors & Copy To Maximize Your Leads
Tag Icon
Automatically Tag the Leads with Vidalytics’ CRM Tagging

Call To Actions — Ask For The Sale Exactly When Your Viewer Is Ready to Convert 🤑

Vidalytics Call to Action Buttons (CTAs) are perfect for appearing at the right moment, when your video has built enough desire and your viewers are ready to take action.

They can appear on top of your videos or below.

These CTA buttons can be tied to the actual time of the video playing, not just the time on site, so they only appear when they are supposed to, even if your viewers pause, rewind or skip your video.

CTA Icon
Exit CTAs Show on Pause

Your CTA can appear when your video is paused, preventing bounces & saving the sale.

Returning Visitors Icon
Automatically Show To Your Returning Visitors

So they don’t have to re-watch your video and instead can take action immediately.

Syle Icon
Control the Copy & Colors

And of course, like all Vidalytics’ features, you can control what the button says as well as its look and feel.

DC Fawcett
Vidalytics CTAs Convert Cold Traffic

“I absolutely love Vidalytics because I can scale with it. We are a high volume business. We drive a lot of traffic from Facebook and YouTube and we are just getting started. Love the resume play and the delayed CTA button tied to the player position.”

DC Fawcett   •   Life Renu

Analytics — Pinpoint the Parts of Your Videos that Are Making You Money 💸

Vidalytics has the most useful video marketing analytics for optimizing your video conversions

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Audience Engagement

See where people are dropping off from watching your video.


See the exact spot in your videos that your viewers watch to before converting. Vidalytics’ conversion tracking works across domains and can even dynamically track your revenue and ROI. No other video platform gives you this insight.

Video Heatmaps

Spot where your videos are boring or extra engaging, with video heatmaps that show you where your viewers are skipping and rewinding your videos.


Break down all of these analytics by specific groups of viewers such as buyers, non-buyers, device types, traffic sources, repeat viewers, location or browser types — so you can spot the pockets of profitability in your videos.

Compare View

Have two different videos’ stats side by side, to see not just which video converted better but why. This is a split tester’s dream.

Godzilla Social
Optimizing & Scaling Thanks to Vidalytics Analytics

"In the few months since we signed up Vidalytics has been AMAZING. It’s a real game changer. I’ve already edited our webinar replay to reflect the poor drop off at the beginning. I’m not sure how anyone with marketing videos can get by without Vidalytics, it's really that good."

John Wheeler
Godzilla Social

CRM Tagging — Use Your Videos To Automate Your Marketing

Tag your viewers in your CRM or email platform when they watch to a specific point in one of your videos... So your other marketing is personalized specifically for what they have already watched to get the conversion.

For example, if someone didn’t see the pricing info in your video, you can email it to them. Or if they did see your pricing info but didn’t buy, you can send them a coupon — automatically.

Tagging works out of the box with our Play Gates, meaning if someone opts into your Play Gate, you can immediately tag that contact and automatically start your email follow up’s.

Video Icon
Use Video in Your Marketing Automation
Play Gates Icon
Works natively with
Vidalytics Play Gates
Tag Icon
Tag Contacts in Your Email Platform & CRM

Resume Play — Never Be Boring Again! 😝

The key to video conversions is not to be boring, and nothing is more boring for your viewer than having to re-watch the same video from the start when they return to your website.

Vidalytics gets around this by allowing your viewers to pick up exactly where they left off when returning your video.

This prevents the bored-factor, increases engagement and conversions.

Plus you can change all the text and colors as well to personalize it for your specific audience.

No Rewatch Icon
Viewers Won’t Have to Rewatch the Same Video
Choose Icon
Allow Your Viewer to Decide to Continue or Start Over
Style Icon
Change all of the Copy & Colors for a Perfect Fit

Countdown timers — Nudge Your Viewers to The Next Step in Your Funnel Automatically ⏱️

Thanks to Vidalytics conversion tracking we found that 25% of conversions typically happen when a video ends. With any other video player, you’re leaving up to the viewer what to do and are missing an opportunity to increase your sales.

Not with Vidalytics’ Count Down Timers.

When your video ends, you can have any message you want appear on top of your video, with a countdown timer. And when the clock hits zero, the page will redirect to any other URL you want.

This knocks your viewers off the fence of indecision and gets them moving towards taking action in your funnel.

Gauher Chaudhry
Vidalytics' Countless Options Make it Easy to Increase Conversions

"I love Vidalytics because of the countless options I can control such as auto-start, countdown timers, resume and many more. The analytics on the videos are detailed and help my team and I make the right decisions to increase conversions."

Gauher Chaudhry
Digital Sumo

Customize — Control Every Detail of Your Video Marketing to Match Your Brand and Increase your Conversions

You can completely customize the look and feel of the Vidalytics
player, so it looks exactly how you want.

Change Multiple Colors on the Player

You can change the color of the player with two color settings, foreground and background.
And also add a drop shadow for an extra pop.

Hide any of the Controls

You can also hide any of the controls, and you can even disable pausing for a “like-live” effect.

Pick 3 Different Thumbnails

You have 3 different type of thumbnails to choose from — standard, mobile or exit (which will only show when someone pauses your video).

Whitelist Domains

You can lock down which domains are allowed to play your videos, so no one hijacks your course or other video content.

Vidalytics Speed

Vidalytics’ Player Is Fast — So it Doesn’t Waste Time Grabbing Attention & Converting  Viewers 🚀

If your video isn’t blazing fast, your conversion rate is going to suffer. Luckily with Vidalytics, you don’t have to worry about speed. We’ve invested as many resources into our infrastructure as any other part, to make sure your videos are always lightning fast.

HTML5 Icon
Lean HTML5 Player

The Vidalytics player is lean mean HTML5 that uses adaptive bitrate streaming. Each one of your viewers also gets an optimized version of our player based on the device they are using.

Devices Icon
Optimized Encodings With Machine Learning

Vidalytics encodes your videos into a dozen different formats so they are optimized for every device and browser out there. When we do this, we use Machine Learning (Per Title) that makes them extra light (so they loads faster) while keeping the same quality. This saves you bandwidth and increases your conversions.

CDN Icon
Multiple CDNs Optimized with AI

We use AI to monitor and choose which CDN (content delivery network) to deliver your videos with. This is optimized for each viewer’s ISP, in their region. Nothing can beat this strategy for your videos to be fast and resilient.

Multiple Videos Icon
Multiple Video Optimization

If you need multiple videos on the same page, you can use our multiple embeds feature so they don’t slow down your site like other video players do.

Vidalytics is Easy to Set Up In Minutes

Here is how to get started in 3 easy steps:


Upload your video into our cloud interface


Customize your video settings with Vidalytics’ Video Marketing Tech


Then, just drop your video embed snippet wherever you want it on your site...

And BAM, you're done! You can also upload hundreds of videos at once. And if you ever need to make changes to your videos settings, just go into Vidalytics, make the tweaks and hit publish. They will be live almost instantly, without you having to touch any code.

And BAM, you're done! You can also upload hundreds of videos at once. And if you ever need to make changes to your videos settings, just go into Vidalytics, make the tweaks and hit publish. They will be live almost instantly, without you having to touch any code.

Justin Christianson
Top CRO Agency loves Vidalytics

"We’ve been using Vidalytics for a while and absolutely love it. Its mobile features alone are worth switching. Not to mention it converts better than other players, its analytics are on-point and it’s the fastest video player I’ve tested. I highly recommend them for your marketing videos."

Justin Christianson
Co-Founder & President, Conversion Fanatics

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